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CD/DVD Burning Survey. Thank You James Burke

posted Jan 24, 2016, 5:55 PM by Darryl Giors   [ updated Jan 24, 2016, 6:10 PM ]
My mind works in strange ways wandering from topic to topic. I was watching a podcast in which a DJI Phantom drone was visible in the background and I started thinking about brushless motors, power to weight ratios and RPMs. How many RPM do those rotors rotate? That reminded me of stories of people disassembling old CD and DVD roms or burners to remove the brushless motors for using in drones. That made me wonder just how many thousands of RPMs those could spin up an optical disc. Then I thought about how shattering a CD in my hand once sent jagged pieces flying dozens of feet across a room. Then I wondered at how seldom discs seemed to have balance or rotational problems when spun to such high rates. Then how disastrous it could be if a disc blew apart at high rotational velocity inside a CPU case under a desk. Would a person risk fragments embedding their flesh? Finally it led me to think that I haven't burned a single piece of optical media in years. Glad I don't deal with that very often any more.

So here's the survey, how long has it been since you burned a CD/DVD/Bluray?

Would have loved to embed it but it seems G+ embedding is broken on this old site at the moment.