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About the Site

Giors.com is divided into many sections, each with a different focus.  The site is a blog with listings of posts related to different subjects.

Below is a table of Sections both available and planned.
Section: Description
 Family Everything concerning the Giors family in Southern California.  Family events, announcements and general information.

 Video Games         Retro gaming is the norm here.  Classics such as Alternate Reality, 8-bit and 16-bit gaming.  Arcade as well as Emulation information.

 Videos     I have been making short videos for most of my life.  Here I'll showcase amateur and professional video projects as well as home video.

Files A repository of downloadable content.

Photos I find joy in photographing moments.  I try to capture beauty with everything from a smart phone to a DSLR.  Photo albums I share on Picasa will also appear here.

Links Simply referrals to other places you'll find me on the web.  Friends and family websites and some links to recommended sites that are perhaps not as well known as they ought to be.

Blog My personal blog covering day to day events in my life, musings and more.  Subjects run the gamut of technology, pyrotechnics, music, cars, cooking, percussion, philosophy, science and much more.