Why is AR Wrapper causing my mouse/keyboard to go crazy?

posted Sep 5, 2012, 5:05 AM by Darryl Giors
Since AR Wrapper is a script based program, it sends commands to the emulator window which should be "in focus" or active. When executing commands, it is generally assumed that the Atari800Win emulator is active. Some fault detection is present but it is by no means perfect.

In other words, if a script is being executed and you click your mouse on another application or theWindows desktop, commands from AR Wrapper will go to those applications instead of the emulator. Besides corrupting the routine, Windows may actually be slightly affected. One method that sometimes helps to recover from this is by pressing CTRL-SPACE. If this does not work then restarting Windows may be required. In short, to avoid this do not touch the keyboard and mouse when AR Wrapper is busy!