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Thundercade Arcade Longplay.

posted Feb 22, 2014, 8:59 PM by Darryl Giors   [ updated Feb 22, 2014, 9:14 PM ]

Darryl's Near Perfect Longplay *audio out of sync

There have been many arcade games through the years that I have learned to flip or pass on a single quarter.  For some I earned that achievement through the help of the MAME emulator thus saving untold rolls of quarters.

In 2009 I got quite good at Thundercade on emulation.  It's a top down shooter in which you're a daredevil on a armed motocycle. You can gain upgrades in firepower in the form of left and right sidecars and you can call in a limited number of airstrikes (bombs).  Enemies and background structures often take many hits to destroy.  Your weapons fire only one round per cannon (up to 4 cannons) per button press.  This one's a real button masher.  Despite the rugged enemies your poor motorcycle is killed by a single shot or collision, although you can run down enemy soldiers in a pinch.  In addition the left and right sidecars can be shot off your vehicle without losing a life.  It just downgrades your firepower. 

It's a pretty typical military shooter from the 80's.  The motorcycle aesthetic is ,however, unusual.

I made many attempts to record a perfect longplay with zero deaths.  This one is the best I captured in which I lost only one life.  Not my best ever but it's the best I recorded for posterity.  No cheats or rapid fire here, just nerves of steel.

The strategy is pretty typical for this type of shooter.  Maximize your firepower and attempt to destroy as many enemies as possible before they get too far down screen and pose a serious close range threat.  Memorization of levels and every single enemy position helps to focus firepower where it's needed and anticipate incoming projectiles.  Last but not least dodge like crazy because everybody's shootin'!

Check it out on Youtube for comments and more details.